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We are a proud sponsor of Project Healing Waters - Greater Kansas City Area


NEXT MEETING February 27, 2018   Fleming Hall
Lunker Dinner Starting at 6:30 pm.



Fly Tying Classes  began Monday, January 22nd, at 7:00 pm.
All classes are located at Fleming Hall in Fleming Park near Lake Jacomo on Woods Chapel Rd.

If bad weather closes Lees Summit Schools that day, the class will meet on the next Monday.


Project Healing Waters Report by Jim Kissane

PHWFF Adds National Fly Casting Competition to 2018 Activities List

Time to polish up your casting stroke!

 Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing has announced a new event for 2018, a National Fly Casting Competition,
 with finalists from every region competing at the Fly Fishers International Fly Fishing Fair Aug. 8-11 at Boise, ID.
 The competition is open to all active Project Healing Waters participants.
 Casters will be scored on distance and accuracy, including casting around obstructions.




Contestants must use a 5-weight fly rod with a maximum length of 9 feet, and a 5-weight fly line and 9-foot leader.
No markings other than manufacturer’s markings may appear on the line.
Casters will use a #10 Elk Hair Caddis with the bend of the hook removed; a piece of yard no longer than one inch may be used instead of the fly.
Bright colors are recommended to contrast with the casting surface.
Competition begins at the program level, with program winners deter-mined by May 31.
Regional competition will take place in June, with each regional champion receiving an invitation to the PHWFF Casting Competition Finals during the International Fly Fishing Fair.
Travel expenses will be paid by Project Healing Waters.

First, Second and Third Place winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony. Prizes will be announced at a later date.

For complete rules of the competition, please contact Bob Barnett or Jim Kissane. A video tutorial is also available to demonstrate the rules and scoring.

PHWFF Calendar:
Winter Schedule Heats Up With Rod Building Sessions, KC Sports Show

Rod Building sessions will begin Monday, Jan. 22, and continue for the next six consecutive Mondays. Also, watch your inbox for news about winter fishing outings.

Jan. 9: General meeting, Fleming Hall, Lake Jacomo, MO @ 7:00 pm

Jan. 16: General meeting, 5 pm at Rainbow Fly Shop, 4621 S Shrank Dr. Independence, MO. Food, fun, and fly tying with Matt.

Jan. 17: Fly Tying 101 at KCVAMC, 1 pm

Jan. 18-21: KC Boat and Sports Show at Bartle Hall

Jan. 22: Rod Building session, 7-9pm at Fleming Hall

Jan. 29: Rod Building session, 7-9pm at Fleming Hall

Feb. 5: Rod Building session, 7-9pm at Fleming Hall

Feb. 7: Fly Tying 101 at KCVAMC, 1 pm

Feb. 12: Rod Building session, 7-9pm at Fleming Hall

Feb. 13: General meeting, Flem-ing Hall, Lake Jacomo, MO @ 7:00 pm

Feb. 19: Rod Building session, 7-9pm at Fleming Hall

Feb. 20: General meeting, 5 pm at Rainbow Fly Shop, 4621 S Shrank Dr. Independence, MO. Food, fun, and fly tying with Matt.

Feb. 26: Rod Building session, 7-9pm at Fleming Hall

Success in Rod Building Contest Earns Ken Hicks a Bamboo Treasure

  Ken Hicks was a first-place winner in the 2016 Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing National Rod-Building Competition. His reward was the opportunity to build another rod.

  Ken returned recently from a week-long class at Bamboo Bend Handcrafted Healing, an organization in Grayling, Mich., that offers a bamboo rod building program for veterans.
  A dozen participants spent five days crafting their own bamboo fly rods and a couple of days fishing.
  Ken returned with a beautiful fly rod and rod tube, a Hardy fly reel with line, a library of books on rod building and some great memories.

  "We were all housed together, so we got to know one another," he said. "In the evenings, we’d be telling war stories, fishing stories and whatever other stories we had to tell.
  We became life-long friends. I was well-blessed to be able to go."


Missouri Fishing Licenses Online

You can purchase your fishing, hunting, etc. license’s on line through the Missouri Department of Conservation web site or even from your smartphone using the Mo. Hunting app.
Your valid permit will appear on the app Immediately after your purchase. You can carry your license with you where ever you go. Check out:

Officers for 2018:
President - David Cook         
Vice President - Gary Davisson
Secretary - Lauretta Kellogg
Treasurer - Darrell Durst
Membership Chair - Carol Cook 

Members at Large:
   Marvin Allison
   Merril Miller
   Roger Theroux



Replacements for Felt Soles

Have you been wondering what to do with your felt-soled boots that are no longer allowed in Missouri trout streams? Club member, Vic Smedley, has found a shoe repair shop that can replace those felt soles with a nonporous sole.
Vic also reports that the shop’s rates are reasonable, too.

Shoe Express,19321 E. US 40 Hwy, Independence, MO   816.795.6655