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MTFA Traditional Fly Tying Classes.

The Kansas City Chapter of MTFA will be holding fall fly tying classes beginning September 12th with an introduction to fly tying. After that, classes will be held each Monday night for six weeks. No need to worry about your cur-rent level of fly tying experience, there will be something for everyone. If you would be interested in an Intermediate Level or Advanced Fly Tying class you need to sign up in advance.

Please call Merril Miller at (816) 254-3631 to sign up. I am asking for donations.

We are looking for materials such as hackle, pheasant tail, turkey tail, hares mask, elk, deer body hair, zonker strips, hooks, thread and beads. If you have any extra materials lying around, we will greatly appreciate your donations. If you have any questions, please contact me at: or call (816-673-9863) if you would like to donate. Thank You


Sample of Basic Fly Tying course manual


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